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"A Buddhist is primarily a person in search of a satisfying life while pursuing enlightenment and practicing compassion and loving kindness"

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Warm Wishes for a Wonderful 2011


Since our last communication, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the first of January have been here and left, and we are left with only memories of those celebrations and commemorations. On Thanksgiving Day I paused and thought about how fortunate and thankful I am to be writing blogs and newsletters to friends all over the globe, and receiving comments and emails back expressing friendship, loving kindness and a feeling of oneness through our BuddhismTeacher sangha.

On Christmas Day, whether Christian or not, we acknowledged the enlightened teachings of Christ, along with the fun of Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and the singing chipmunks. We experienced the pleasure of giving and again were reminded that it’s better to give than to receive, especially when we received our credit card statements in early January. And on New Year’s Day, we rang in 2011 by calling friends and family to wish them a happy 12 future months of good health, more joy and less pain, good happenings and a lot more peace in the world.

My wish to all the recipients of this blog and newsletter, to all my family members and friends, all my enemies and all sentient beings is: May all of you be free from fear, free from suffering, filled with happiness, compassion and loving kindness.

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